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Insurance Policies – Things to Ask Your Consultant

James Eric Viveros

James Eric Viveros



Whether it is long-term care insurance or short-term insurance for vehicles, you can benefit from the advice of a consultant, who can correctly identify your need. The problem with policies these days is that a lot of them have too many things to offer, making it complicated for someone to decide what to go with. Then there is the obvious temptation of securities which can give immediate gains. That is when you need to take the expert advice of someone like Eric Viveros Corpus Christi. It is important to keep track of what your risks are and pick the right policy.

A very important thing many individuals forget when they do income planning is that insurance policies are for taking care of your risks; they are not sound investment opportunities. The same holds true for investment retirement schemes as well. They augur well for you when you are thinking about a long-term scenario. Trying to pick the financial instruments that work in all possible ways doesn’t always work well. This is where a consultant can step in and provide the right advice. For example, the interest rates are not as high on policies which come with returns, compared to what securities can give you when the markets are good.

A consultant can also help you with in-depth in-house information about the service providers offering such policies. Agents don’t always give you the big picture as they general work for a commission. However, you have to make sure you pick insurance policies from companies that have a better record of dealing with claims than companies that plan bigger amounts at maturity or greater returns. When you need that coverage, you will appreciate minimal hassle as opposed to being made to run all across the place to claim what is rightfully yours.

There are also quite a few variations in long-term policies; some offer lump sum amounts and some don’t. Some offer multiple components while some don’t. It is easy to miss out on important points and regret later. It is therefore a better option to add a reliable and sound insurance policy to your portfolio with the help of a consultant. That makes sure you have taken care of at least some risks from unforeseen events.

The best consultants like James Eric Viveros usually can help you create a diverse portfolio with long-term insurance, short-term gains through stock and securities and medium-term investments. To help you, they have to be well-versed in the track record of all financial instruments around so that given the market conditions they can advise you about the risks and rewards perfectly. Moreover, there are always questions about death benefits, forfeiture benefits and increasing premiums which agents are not likely to answer accurately. You have to therefore be absolutely sure about the policies you are planning to put your money in. Consultants can also advise you about nuances such as the history of companies you have planned to invest in, that can really affect your decision.